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Emergency Dental Insurance

16 January 2020

Is Dental Insurance Worth It?

For most people, having health insurance is a no-brainer. Even if you’re pretty healthy, you want that reassurance that if something serious happens, your insurance will pay for most of the outrageous costs of medical care. But what about dental insurance? There’s usually a coverage cap of $1,000...

Do I Need Dental XRays Every Year

16 January 2020

Do I Really Need X-rays Every Year?

Dental X-Rays have become a common adjunct to a routine dental exam and are a standard of care practice, helping detect early signs of tooth decay, monitor jaw and tooth formation for adolescents and observe overall oral health not visible to the naked eye. Why Do Dentists Push X-rays? While dent...

Dentist vs Orthodontist

12 September 2019

Dentist vs. Orthodontist for Braces – Which one is Better

Do you want to align your teeth but confuse, you need to see a dentist or orthodontist? This is a big question that people ever ask. There are many differences and similarities between the dentist and the orthodontist. If you want to straighten your teeth, then it is necessary to find out what or...

Causes of Tooth Pain

12 September 2019

Tooth Pain: Common Causes and Prevention

Your dentist knows best: Brush at least twice a day, floss every day, and be sure to brush your gum line. Taking good care of your teeth greatly reduces the likelihood and severity of tooth pain. Common causes of tooth pain are often related to poor oral hygiene. But if you are experiencing persi...

Benefits of Straight Teeth

27 August 2019

The Top 3 Surprising Reasons Why Straight Teeth Matter

Are you considering straightening your smile with orthodontic treatment? You have good reason to invest in yourself! A recent study revealed that almost 80% of patients who completed orthodontic treatment felt that teeth straightening was one of the most life-changing decisions that they ever mad...

Oral Health

17 June 2019

Oral Health and Your Growing Child

When should a child first see the dentist and how should you care for their growing teeth? Your child’s oral health depends on a wholesome diet and teaching them good hygiene habits — along with early exams and intervention when there’s an issue. Infancy and Early Childhood Our teeth begin to eme...

Side Effects of Teeth Whitening

22 May 2019

Too much whitening may damage teeth, new study finds

The very product you are using to whiten your teeth may be damaging them, a new study suggests In three experiments, researchers found the active ingredient in tooth whiteners, hydrogen peroxide, can eat away at dentin, the material right below the protective enamel and covering the sensitive str...

When to Take Infant to Dentist

20 May 2019

Dentistry for the New Mom and Dad

My wife and I are having our first baby very soon, and I know that I’ll be looking for all kinds of answers to help me along the way in raising my little girl to be as healthy and strong as she possibly can be. I will look to others for guidance and answers as much as possible, and as a dentist h...

Teeth Whitening at Home vs Dentist

23 April 2019

Home Whitening vs In-Office Whitening

Should you try at-home teeth whitening products or visit your dentist to whiten your teeth? We compare your options for a whiter, brighter smile. As many as 86% of Canadians want whiter teeth, so this information should help you decide what’s best for you. What Are the Active Ingredients in White...

Symptoms of Candidiasis

11 April 2019

How Do You Get Candida Infections and How Are They Treated?

To prevent candidiasis in the esophagus, mouth, and throat simply maintain proper oral hygiene. Brush your teeth, rinse the mouth, and use…Candida is one of many types of yeast that find a home in our bodies. Usually, it inhabits the mouth, the belly, or the skin in small amounts, and in these qu...

Dental Patient Selection

03 April 2019

Patient selection: Instincts, courage and healthy relationships

Of the nearly 3,500 professional liability claims The Dentists Insurance Company addressed between 2012 and 2017, many could have been avoided or mitigated had the dentist been more cautious about choosing which patients to accept into care. “Prevention is the best strategy to avoid risk,” said T...

Tooth Cavity Treatment

03 April 2019

Here is what you should know about tooth cavities

Cavities are holes that develop on teeth as a result of decay. They can cause symptoms including toothache. Without treatment, cavities can worsen over time and cause other problems. Practicing good oral hygiene is the best way to prevent them. Tooth decay occurs from a buildup of dental plaque i...

New Clinics Hope to Curb ER Visits

12 October 2018

New clinics hope to curb ER visits for dental emergencies

When you think reasons you might end up in the emergency room, is dental pain on the list? The number of people going to the ER for dental treatment has increased dramatically in U.S., going from roughly 1 million in the year 2000 to 2 million in 2010. And most of the patients have issues that co...

Pure Dental Health

20 July 2018

Pure Dental Health joins local Emergency Dental Service

Wouldn't it be great if emergencies happened at the exact moment you were prepared for them? Well, they wouldn't be called emergencies if they were situations we could prepare for. Dr. Justin Scott, of Pure Dental Health in Atlanta, wants you to know that he is prepared for you when your persona...

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