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Emergency Dentures & Implants In Connecticut

You should never have to feel self-conscious about your smile. A smile conveys happiness and laughter. One reason that people typically stop smiling is due to missing teeth. Understandably, missing teeth can impact a person’s confidence when it comes to expressing themselves. If you find yourself holding back in moments of happiness, some options will provide the confidence to smile again. Dentures are designed to restore the function and appearance of a natural smile.

The technology that goes into denture creation continues to improve. Dentures are now available in a variety of options that provide a natural appearance and durability amid daily wear and tear. For individuals in Connecticut who want to explore their denture options, the professionals at Emergency Dental Service can help.

Learning more about the benefits of dentures is just a phone call away. You can call Emergency Dental Service any time at 1-888- 351-1473. After providing your zip code, we will provide you with the best cosmetic dental provider in your area.

Quick and Convenient Service In Connecticut

Our dental providers understand that living with missing teeth is more than just an inconvenience. It can also affect your ability to speak clearly and enjoy a variety of foods. Finding the best dentures for you begins with finding the best dental provider in Connecticut. Emergency Dental Service works with the best providers to make the entire process faster and more convenient.

Tailored to Your Needs

Our top priority is to make sure you are completely satisfied with your denture choices. That is why your dental provider will take the time necessary to ensure you completely understand the benefits and disadvantages associated with the different types of dentures. Your dental provider will discuss affordability, durability, stability, and other important factors that play a role in your final selection.

Get to Know Your Options for Well-Fitted, Natural-Looking Dentures

Traditional Dentures:

Traditional dentures are a popular option for those who prefer simplicity. Traditional dentures work by fitting comfortably on top of your gums. Stability is achieved through the use of denture adhesive. These dentures can potentially shift slightly throughout the day when speaking or eating depending on their fit and the adhesive used.

Implant Dentures

Implant dentures provide a more permanent option. Implant dentures require a metal bridge to be embedded into the jawbone through a simple dental procedure. The dentures are then fixed onto the bridge to provide greater stability. With implant dentures, there is no risk of shifting.


Overdentures are a popular option for those who want stability, but also want to be able to remove their dentures with ease. An implant is used to provide stability. The dentures themselves appear similar to traditional dentures, but either click or screw into place for a stronger hold.

Denture FAQ's

Q: Are dentures comfortable?

A: Once you are familiar with the way dentures feel, you shouldn’t notice they are there. When dentures are properly fitted, they should be just as comfortable as your natural teeth.

Q: How do I care for my dentures?

A: Your dentures can be treated much like you would your natural teeth. This includes regular brushing and flossing to prevent plaque, tartar, and stains.

Q: What should I avoid with dentures?

A: Items you should avoid may vary depending on your type of dentures. Some dentures are more durable than others. In general, it is best to avoid gum and other foods or drinks that can harm your dentures.

Q: Are dentures expensive?

A: Dentures can range from $1,000- $1,500 depending on the type. The prices can change as well depending on your insurance provider.