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Tooth Abrasion-What is an abrasion & how do you prevent it

What Is Abrasion?

Abrasion is the abnormal wear of a tooth. It is usually caused by a toothpaste which is too abrasive(gritty). This combined with aggressive brushing with a hard bristled brush is the main cause. A v-shaped groove is cut in the soft dentine core of the tooth, where the root joins the crown.

What Does Abrasion Do?

Abrasion exposes the nerve endings in the dentine and the tooth becomes sensitive to hot and cold.

What Do I Do To Stop Abrasion From Happening?

  • Use the least abrasive toothpaste(sensitive) possible.
  • Use a soft toothbrush. Brush with a circular, not back and forward, motion.
  • Brush gently. Plaque is soft and is easily removed.
  • Do not start from the same tooth every time, toothpaste is most concentrated, gritty and aggressive at this time.

Use Emergency Dental Service

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