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15 April 2018

What should I do if my jaw is swollen after 3 fillings?

I had 3 fillings on the bottom left side and 2 days later my jaw is swollen and its hard to chew. I had 5 shots to numb my mouth during the procedure and now its hard to open my mouth without being very painful. What should I do to get ride of the pain & for the swelling to go down? EDS Denti...

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15 January 2018

How often do fillings need to be replaced?

Hello, I inherited bad teeth from my parents and I have a ton of fillings on most of my teeth. I brush and floss as recommended however, I read that fillings need to be replaced every so often. I'm afraid that because I have so many fillings, the dentist will not be able to keep repairing my teet...

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01 December 2017

When will you need a tooth extraction and will it hurt?

There are several reasons that can lead to your tooth being extracted which include: tooth infection, tooth decay, not visiting a dentist on a regular basis, making room for permanent teeth, to prepare for braces, and to remove broken or badly damaged teeth. Once a dentist determines that a tooth...