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Emergency Dentist New York, NY 10001

Emergency Dental Service is an online resource for patients that are experiencing a dental related emergency. We directly partner with local dentist in New York, NY 10001 that are open during off peak hours and weekends to help patients find a same-day or next-day appointment. Our services include: direct scheduling with dental providers, insurance verifications, discounted dental plans, and dental financing for emergency, specialty, and cosmetic dental procedures.

For patients that are looking for an emergency dentist with no insurance or extra cash/credit to pay for their dental emergency, EDS now offers multiple financing options to help cover unexpected dental expenses. Get an Instant approval (all credit levels accepted): click here to apply for a Dental Emergency Line Of Credit.

To schedule a same-day appointment, simply call 1-866-673-1188, enter your zip code, and our patient support team will help you find a dentist immediately.

Emergency Dentist New York, NY, 10001

Are you experiencing sudden and unbearable dental pain? If you need to find an emergency dentist after normal business hours, use Emergency Dental Service in New York, NY, 10001. Our comprehensive provider network includes thousands of knowledgeable doctors across the entire United States. To use our services, simply call 347-396-1343 and enter your zip code. Our support team is standing by to schedule an emergency dental appointment for you right away.

Unfortunately, tooth pain often occurs when you least expect it. We understand it’s not always easy to locate dental care when most businesses are closed. Whether you are a local resident seeking after-hours care or are simply visiting NYC, the Emergency Dental Service can help you locate an experienced and skilled dentist in the area who can identify the source of your discomfort and alleviate your pain. Search our extensive network of dental providers and find the care you need now.

Walk-in Dentist in New York, NY

Maybe you tripped and fell in Times Square, and now part of your tooth is missing. Perhaps you woke up in the middle of the night with a swollen jaw and a fever. Maybe you were involved in a sports-related injury, and now your tooth wiggles and hurts. These are all examples of dental emergencies. These situations should be addressed as soon as possible. Other dental emergencies include a knocked-out tooth, severe dental pain, and a fractured jaw, among other things. If you are experiencing any of these scenarios, find a walk-in dentist located near you. The Emergency Dental Service makes it easy for you to search dental providers by city or state, whenever you need immediate care.

Finding Dental Care Fast

“Emergency dentist” and “24-hour dentist” sound like identical terms. However, there are a few significant differences between the two. An emergency dentist runs a typical dental practice during normal business hours. Generally, he or she intentionally reserves time on every day’s schedule to accommodate for dental emergencies when and if they occur. Occasionally, an emergency dentist may even work extended hours a couple of days every week. A 24-hour dentist, on the other hand, is available around the clock to provide emergency dental care.

When you are in immediate need of dental care, both of these providers may be able to assist you, depending on your specific needs. However, if it is the middle of the night, you are more likely to find the care you require from a 24-hour dentist.

Leading Urgent Care Dentists in New York, NY

In the case of a medical emergency, people often visit a local urgent care clinic. Did you know that many urgent care facilities also have dentists on staff? When a dental emergency strikes, you need to receive proper care fast, especially if you have suffered trauma to the mouth or are experiencing a fever due to a dental abscess. Today, more and more medical facilities are beginning to recognize the importance of timely dental care. If you are in need of emergency dentistry, the nearest urgent care clinic may have a dental provider on staff, for your convenience. To locate an urgent care dentist close to you, contact the Emergency Dental Service.

24-Hour Dentist in New York, NY

When it comes to dental emergencies, 24-hour dentists are the real heroes. These professionals truly walk the extra mile to help patients feel better. Sometimes, a 24-hour dentist may work in a facility that stays open all day and night. In fact, most emergency rooms have a dentist on staff who can provide dental care when other offices are not open. Other times, 24-hour dentists may simply be “on call”, available to see patients whenever the need arises. Locating these dental providers may not always be easy, due to the erratic hours they work. However, finding a 24-hour dentist in our database is effortless – after all, it’s what we do! If you need emergency dental services, let us help you find the care you deserve.

Recognizing and Handling a Dental Emergency

When the unexpected happens, tensions rise. Sometimes it is difficult to think clearly. In the case of dental emergencies, knowing what to expect can help alleviate stress and anxiety so you will be well-equipped to handle whatever comes your way. Here, we will identify some of the most common dental emergencies and tell you how to address them.

Knocked-out Tooth

An avulsed, or knocked-out, tooth is one of the most time-sensitive dental emergencies. Why? Because in certain cases, the tooth can actually be placed back in the socket and saved. In order to do this, you must receive professional dental care within a couple hours of the incident. If you find yourself faced with this type of dental emergency, you should first contact our Emergency Dental Service, so our support team can schedule an appointment for you. Next, see if you can locate the tooth, then rinse it off gently. Try not to touch the tooth root during this process. If possible, reposition the tooth back in its socket. If this is simply not feasible, soak the tooth in a small container filled with salt water or milk. (Don’t forget to bring it with you!) Finally, head directly to your 24-hour dentist for further care.

Fractured Tooth

Tiny fractures such as chipped teeth do not always necessitate emergency services. However, if a crack extends deep into the structure, it can cause pain and make your tooth vulnerable to infection and further damage. Therefore, it is important to seek dental care right away. We can help you locate an emergency dentist in the area. If a large portion of your tooth has come off as a result of the fracture, try to locate it and keep it moistened in a cup filled with saline or milk. Small cracks may be able to be repaired with a dental filling. Larger fractures may require a dental crown or root canal therapy.

Severe Toothache

While mild twinges of discomfort may be commonplace for some, these issues can eventually turn into a much more severe problem. A painful toothache should be treated as soon as possible, as it usually indicates an infection or a large cavity. After scheduling an appointment through the Emergency Dental Service, you can soothe the area by gently swishing with a saltwater rinse. Over-the-counter anti-inflammatories, such as ibuprofen and naproxen, can help alleviate the discomfort as well.

Abscessed Tooth

A dental abscess is a severe infection that may be indicated by pus and drainage at the gum line, or a severely swollen jaw. Either of these scenarios are serious business and should be tended to immediately. If left untreated, an abscess can spread to adjacent teeth and may even spread to other parts of the body. If you think you may have a dental abscess, call our support team right away.

Lost or Broken Dental Restorations

A broken crown or cracked dental filling may not seem like a time-sensitive issue. However, these conditions leave the underlying structures of your tooth exposed to bacteria. It doesn’t take long for an infection to develop. If left untreated, a damaged restoration could eventually lead to more serious damage or even tooth loss. Therefore, it is important to seek immediate dental care to protect your overall oral health.

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If you need urgent dental care now, the Emergency Dental Service is your greatest ally. In the midst of pain, you should never have to deal with locating a doctor on your own. Let us do the work for you. To find immediate dental care near you, search our network by city or state, or call us at 347-396-1343.