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Chipped Tooth-Broken Tooth, Fractured Tooth, Tooth Emergency & How To Repair

What Are Tooth Fractures?

A fracture is a break in a tooth that is not caused by tooth decay. Fractures are usually caused by trauma. They may also occur as a result of tooth grinding or when the core of a tooth has been so undermined by decay that the normal chewing or biting forces are enough to break it.

How Serious Are Tooth Fractures?

Fractures can be infinitely varied in degree of importance and severity, depending on the nature and extent of the fracture, the tooth or number of teeth involved and their positions. The patient’s age and stage of tooth development is also critical for both patient management and likely outcomes.

What Do I Do To Stop Tooth Fractures From Happening?

  • Many fractures are the result of accidents and cannot be prevented, all that can be done is manage the consequences.
  • If dental trauma can be anticipated as in contact sports then adequate protective head gear and custom made mouthguards are essential.

Use Emergency Dental Service

Emergency Dental Service is the #1 online resource for connecting patients with dental emergencies directly to dentists in their local area. We are also a great patient referral resource for mobile clinics & dentist with off peak/weekend hours. Visit us online or call our 24 hour patient center at: 1-888-350-1340