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Root Exposure-Causes, Symptoms, Remedies, Treatment

What Is Root Exposure?

The root of a tooth is normally covered by the bone and gum supporting the tooth. If this support is removed part of the root is exposed. It may be mild moderate or severe.

What Problems Does Root Exposure Cause?

Root exposure exposes the soft inner and innervated dentine core of a tooth to the oral environment for which it was not designed. The tooth may be sensitive to otherwise normal stimuli like hot and cold. It is prone to tooth decay. If severe, the tooth may loosen and fall out. It can be unsightly. The expression “long in the tooth” refers to root exposure and gum loss as part of the ageing process.

How to Stop Recession From Happening?

You cannot prevent plaque. Since no single method can eliminate plaque, a combination of strategies is used to minimise its growth and harmful effects. You can minimize dental plaque by practicing good oral hygiene, brushing and flossing. The bacteria in plaque are the main cause of gum disease.

Avoid vigorous brushing and abrasive toothpaste. Brush gently in a circular motion both on the tooth and gum . A sawing motion of the brush damages the gums and exposes the root, especially if the gum is soft and thin or the roots bulge beneath the bone and gum thinning the overlying bone.

Use Emergency Dental Service

Emergency Dental Service is the #1 online resource for connecting patients with dental emergencies directly to dentists in their local area. We are also a great patient referral resource for mobile clinics & dentist with off peak/weekend hours. Visit us online or call our 24 hour patient center at: 1-888-350-1340