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Emergency Dentures & Implants In South Dakota

The loss of your teeth can have detrimental effects on your life and self-image. You could find it hard to enjoy food or hard to speak clearly. You might even dislike smiling. The answer to these dilemmas could be found in a set of natural-looking and professional dentures, enabling you to enjoy these parts of your life again.

Dentures may help you regain your self-confidence, and denture technology has improved significantly over the years. Let Emergency Dental Service find you trusted expert dentists in South Dakota.

It’s as simple as giving us a call at 1-888-351-1473, any time. You can then enter your zip code, and we can help you find the most convenient and professional dental providers in your area. We’ll work with you to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Quick and Convenient Service In South Dakota

To be sure your dentures are well-made, you need an expert and competent dentist. A trusted professional in South Dakota can help talk you through your denture options so that you can select the option that best fits you and your lifestyle.

Tailored to Your Needs

Dentures come in a few forms and styles with different levels of comfort and durability. Some dentures are more affordable, others more secure, and a dental professional can help examine your needs to see which dentures work best for your priorities. Once your dentist understands your needs, they can help find the perfect denture fit for you.

Traditional Dentures:

This denture style is created by taking a mold of the inside of your mouth, creating a denture set that floats on top of your gums. It’s attached by an adhesive or paste, rather than attached to implants. Because of this, they can sometimes shift while you’re speaking or eating.

Implant Dentures

If you’re looking for a more secure fit, implant dentures may be the style for you. A fixed bridge is attached to implants in your jawbone, and the dentures are attached to this bridge. This extra stability allows the dentures to function similarly to your natural teeth.


While this style of dentures looks comparable to traditional dentures, they attach more securely. They float on top of your gums, but where traditional dentures are attached with adhesive, overdentures are screwed or clipped into place through dental implants.

Denture FAQ's

Q: How long will my dentures last?

A: Dentures require regular cleaning and upkeep just like your natural teeth to prevent build-up and staining. Provided you take care of them, your dentures can last eight to ten years. Of course, dentures are susceptible to the same natural wear and tear as your healthy teeth. Appointments to repair, replace, or readjust your dentures may eventually be needed.

Q: What is the difference between complete and partial dentures?

A: Complete dentures are a style of denture used when the entire row of teeth in your top or bottom jaw is missing and needs to be replaced. Partial dentures, on the other hand, are used when there are still remaining healthy natural teeth in the row. Partial dentures have the added benefit of keeping your remaining teeth from shifting into the empty space left by lost teeth.

Q: How much do dentures cost?

A: Several factors influence the price of your dentures. The health of your remaining teeth, your insurance, the style of dentures you select, and whether you need partial or complete dentures will all contribute to the total cost. Immediate dentures, which are put in place as soon as your unhealthy teeth are removed, usually cost about $1,500-$1,800, while complete dentures are generally $1,000-$1,500.