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Wisdom Teeth-Impacted wisdom tooth-not enough space for wisdom teeth

What Is An Impacted Wisdom Tooth?

Wisdom teeth erupt between the ages of 17 years and older. There are four wisdom teeth, two on the bottom jaw and two on the upper jaw. They are the last teeth in the dental arches

What Does An Impacted Wisdom Tooth Do?

Since they are last to erupt often there is not enough space. This forces the teeth into abnormal positions. In these positions they may damage other teeth as they try to erupt or they may partially erupt and cause problems. The most common problem is an infection called pericoronitis.

What Do I Do To Stop Wisdom Teeth From Impacting?

There is nothing you the patient can do to influence the eruption of wisdom teeth. The dentist is unlikely to act to make space by extraction of other teeth which may be more important. Since the outcomes would be unpredictable the dentist usually waits until the teeth have erupted or partially erupted before a final decision on treatment is made and executed. Wisdom teeth that are not ideally placed but not a problem are generally left alone and monitored. If problems arise or are threatening action can be taken.

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