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Tooth Extraction-Tooth Removal, Pulling Teeth, Expectations & Aftercare

What Is A Tooth Extraction?

When a tooth has damage, is broken, or has decay most dentists will try to fix the tooth with the normal dental crown or filling. There are times when the normal preventive maintenance will not repair a tooth and the tooth has too much damage to be repaired and therefore has to be extracted. The extraction will remove the tooth from its socket in the bone.

What To Expect When Having a Tooth Pulled?

Before pulling the tooth, your dentist will give you an injection of a local anesthetic to numb the area where the tooth will be removed. If you are having more than one tooth pulled or if a tooth is impacted, your dentist may use a strong general anesthetic. This will prevent pain throughout your body and make you sleep through the procedure.

What Are the Causes For A Tooth Extraction?

Some of the most common reasons for having a tooth pulled or extracted include: the tooth is too badly damaged, a crowded mouth, tooth decay or infection, & also the risk of infection if your immune system has been compromised.

Expectations & Aftercare

During your extraction appointment, you should expect to be placed under anesthetize & for your gums to be numb, in order for the tooth to be extracted. The dentist will make a decision to use either a Simple Extraction, Surgical Extraction, or Modern Extraction method to remove your tooth. Each method has its own procedure that is based on the severity of your tooth.

After the procedure is over, it is very normal to experience bleeding and some pain. Most dentist that perform and extraction surgery will suggest keeping a cotton gauze on the ext ration area for 45 minutes or longer. You will need to apply pressure on this area in order for the blood to clot. You should also expect to experience swelling and a lot of discomfort in your month after the procedure.

Use Emergency Dental Service

Emergency Dental Service is the #1 online resource for connecting patients with dental emergencies directly to dentists in their local area. We are also a great patient referral resource for mobile clinics & dentist with off peak/weekend hours. Visit us online or call our 24 hour patient center at: 1-888-350-1340