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Tooth Abscess-Gum & Dental Abscess Symptoms and Treatment

What Is a Tooth Abscess or Gum Abscess?

The body has many ways of protecting itself against infection and bacteria. One way the body protects your month from spreading bacteria & infection is to form an abscess around the infection. The abscess will be painful and swollen but will prevent bacteria from spreading in other areas of the body.

Tooth abscess will occur inside the tooth when the tooth’s nerve starts dying or is dead. The abscess starts at the tip of the tooth’s root and then spreads to the surrounding bone.

Gum abscess is caused by an infection between the tooth and gums. It is usually caused by food that gets trapped between the gums and the tooth and build up under the gums and eventually into the bone.

What Does an Abscess Do?

An abscess forms when there is a bacterial infection around the tooth or gums and it prevents the bacteria from spreading throughout other parts of the body.

What Do I Do To Stop An Abscess From Forming?

Regular brushing after every meal and flossing between your teeth is the best way to prevent an infection from forming. If an abscess is formed it can be healed quickly by visiting a dentist and doing these 3 things: cleaning the area thoroughly, treating the infection, and allowing the trapped pus to drain and escape.

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