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Helping Patients Find Weekend Emergency Dentists near Albuquerque, NM

Without warning, a seemingly small toothache can quickly grow into a dental emergency that requires urgent care in Albuquerque, NM. Finding a dentist who is open on weekends can be difficult, which can add stress to an already difficult situation. If you are looking for dentists open on weekends, you have come to the right place.

Our weekend dentist is available on Saturdays and Sundays to provide you with critical dental treatments that will alleviate your discomfort and restore your oral health. Our dental team will provide prompt, compassionate care so you can return home to rest and recover. Taking quick action to address a dental emergency can improve your oral health outcomes and prevent the need to miss extensive time from work. 

For patients that are looking for an emergency dentist with no insurance or extra cash/credit to pay for their dental emergency, EDS now offers multiple financing options to help cover unexpected dental expenses. Get an Instant approval (all credit levels accepted): click here to apply for a Dental Emergency Line Of Credit.

To schedule a same-day appointment, simply call 1-833-624-1382, enter your zip code, and our patient support team will help you find a dentist immediately.

Benefits of Using a Weekend Dentist in Albuquerque

By working with a weekend dentist, you can prevent the development of complications that can require invasive procedures like tooth extraction. Early intervention leads to better health outcomes in the vast majority of situations. For example, treating an advanced cavity can prevent a root canal infection from developing. Removing a cavity is a minimally invasive process that may not even require local anesthesia. Even when the cavity causes a root canal infection, promptly treating the bacterial infection can save your natural tooth from needing to be extracted. A lingering root canal infection is painful, and it can result in the bacteria reaching the underlying jawbone. If the infection is not treated in time, it can pose a serious risk to your overall health.

Another benefit of early intervention is the cessation of discomfort. Sunday dentistry can relieve your oral pain through the use of local anesthesia. For patients who suffer from anxiety during treatments, your emergency dentist can offer sedation options to make your experience stress-free. Once the cause of your discomfort has been treated, you can experience immediate relief.

Prompt treatments can help you save time and money. Treating an advanced cavity, for example, can preserve your natural tooth and prevent the need for a tooth extraction. A dental prosthetic can be costly. Emergency dentists can save you time by addressing the dental problem early on. Without early intervention, more complicated treatments could require multiple visits.

Lastly, emergency dentistry provides our patients with peace of mind. Once you know what caused the dental problem and see that it is fixed, you won’t have to worry about more unexpected flare-ups of pain or discomfort.

What Types of Complications Occur Without Emergency Dentistry?

Gum disease is a leading cause of tooth loss in this country. If your bleeding or swollen gums are not treated, you could experience gum tissue recession. Over time, the roots of your teeth can become exposed. This can accelerate tooth decay and lead to other serious problems. Gum disease is unsightly and can leave people embarrassed to smile. Our office can treat gum disease and provide tips on how to prevent the return of periodontitis.

An untreated cavity can lead to an advanced infection that could require a tooth extraction. One type of complication is a dental abscess. The collection of pus forms inside the teeth or gums. It can also form in the bone that supports your teeth. A tooth abscess is sometimes referred to as a periapical abscess. An infection of the bone can loosen a tooth. By taking quick action at the first sign of a bacterial infection, you can prevent the development of a dental abscess.

Your Saturday dentist can address a loose restoration before a serious complication occurs. Loose fillings, bridges, and other restorations and prosthetics can allow bacteria to fester. In other cases, a loose filling can hide tooth decay. If your crown or bridge came loose, stop by our office on the weekend so your natural tooth and neighboring teeth are protected. 

What Constitutes a Dental Emergency?

Emergency dentistry is one of several specializations practiced by dentists in Albuquerque. Most people are familiar with general dentistry. Procedures like cleanings, cavity removals, and fluoride applications fall under general dentistry. Patients visit their dentist every six months to undergo these standard examinations and non-invasive treatments. Preventing dental problems is the goal of general dentistry.

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Another field of dentistry is pediatric dentistry. Pediatric dentists work with children and teenagers. Monitoring teeth and jaw development is the main focus of this type of dentistry. Orthodontists and prosthodontists are two other dental specialists who respectively place braces and oversee the fabrication and placement of prosthetics.

Emergency dentistry is yet another type of dentistry that focuses on the treatment of dental emergencies. A dental emergency is any serious type of dental problem that requires immediate treatment. Common procedures performed at these specialized dental offices include tooth extraction, root canal treatment, gum disease treatments, and suturing.

Because dental emergencies can occur at any time, your weekend dentist is prepared to handle your emergency at any hour on the weekends. We will treat your emergency as a top priority.

Can I Have Non-Emergency Procedures Performed by a Weekend Dentist?

Our offices are equipped to provide a wide range of treatments. If you work a demanding job, it can be very difficult to find time for visiting the dentist. Many dental offices are only open a few days a week, and most are only open during business hours. Many of our patients appreciate the convenience that comes from weekend dentist services.

If you have been putting off important dental work, you can stop by our office on Saturday or Sunday and not have to miss time away from work. To learn about which treatments are available, use our service location feature and contact the nearest office within our network. Someone at the nearest office will go over your weekend dentist treatment options.

Emergency Dental Services

Our emergency dentist, open on Sunday, provides a wide range of emergency dental treatments to patients. Each treatment below will relieve discomfort and restore oral health.

Tooth Extraction

There are many times when removing a natural tooth can improve oral health. Dentists do their best to avoid extracting a natural tooth but an advanced infection, tooth decay, and cracks in the tooth can create the need for safely and gently removing a tooth. If your damaged tooth is the cause of your oral pain, extracting the tooth can bring relief. Before extracting your tooth, your dentist will completely numb the area around the tooth using local anesthesia. Once you are comfortable, your weekend dentist will use a special tool to gently loosen and remove the damaged or infected tooth. They will place gauze at the treatment site to control bleeding.

Treatment for Chipped Tooth

A small chip can easily be fixed using composite bonding. First, your weekend dentist will clean the surface of your tooth using a special etching liquid. This helps prepare the tooth for the bonding material. Once the composite resin is color-matched to perfectly blend in with your natural teeth, the material will be artfully applied to replace the lost tooth structure. Then, a special light will be used to harden the bonding material. The composite resin can remain in place for up to several years. Larger chips and cracks may require a restoration, like a veneer or crown. A dental veneer replaces the front of the tooth. This cosmetic treatment can address a wide range of cosmetic blemishes. A crown is a special cap that completely covers a tooth. Both restorations require multiple steps to fabricate and place.

Abscessed Tooth Treatment

Whether the pocket of infection affects the tooth, gums, or bone, your weekend dentist will begin by completely numbing the treatment site. Once you are comfortable, your dentist will use a scalpel to make a small incision to access the pocket of infection. The pus will be drained, and the space will be cleaned to ensure that the infection does not return. In some cases, a small opening may be left to allow for drainage as swelling diminishes.

Root Canal Infection

One of the more serious types of dental emergencies is a root canal infection. When bacteria eat through the outer layer of enamel and dentin and reach the inner pulp, the infection can spread quickly. This can cause significant pain because the nerves are placed under pressure as the soft tissue becomes inflamed. To stop the infection, your dentist will drill a small hole to access the center of your tooth. They will remove the infected tissue before cleaning and sanitizing the space. A special putty will be used to fill the vacated space. To reseal the tooth, your dentist may use an inlay, onlay, dental crown, or another restorative process.

Gum Laceration

A tear, cut, or gash in the gums can lead to extensive bleeding that may be hard to control. This is because the gums are highly vascular, meaning they have many veins and capillaries running through them. Your weekend dentist will numb the injured area, clear any debris, and suture the wound if needed. You may be given a prescription for antibiotics. Follow your recovery guidelines carefully to prevent an infection.

What to Expect When You Arrive at Our Office

If your gums are bleeding uncontrollably or if you are in severe pain, have someone drive you to our office. We prioritize your safety. We also recommend having someone drive you home if you require an invasive treatment like tooth extraction.

When you arrive, your treatment will be our top priority. Our team will work quickly to accurately diagnose the cause of your symptoms. In some cases, such as following trauma to the face from an accident, you may be able to tell the dentist exactly what happened. In other cases, your weekend dentist will use digital imaging to diagnose your dental problem.

The next step involves preparing the treatment site. Your dentist will numb the injured area, perform the necessary procedure, and use gauze to control bleeding after the treatment is complete. You will be given instructions on how to clean and care for your injured tooth or gums. We recommend taking the rest of the day to rest and recover. Some procedures may require multiple days to fully recover. Post-procedure discomfort can usually be managed using over-the-counter medications.

What Types of Treatments Are Not Typically Performed By a Weekend Dentist?

If you experience a weekend dental emergency, your procedure will likely be completed through one visit to our dental office. The goal of our team is to manage your pain and address any urgent medical issues. For more complicated dental work, like the fabrication of a dental prosthetic, you may be asked to return for a follow-up visit or you may be referred to a specialist. Measuring, fabricating, and placing a prosthetic can be a complicated process that shouldn’t be rushed.

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Why Aren’t All Dental Offices Open on Weekends?

At most dental offices, the dentist is the business owner. They hire employees to manage the dental practice. Given the option, most dentists prefer to work standard business hours. Many offices aren’t even open a full five days a week if they do not have a large number of clients.

Our business operates with the needs of our patients in mind. We understand that a dental emergency can strike at any time, including on weekends. Many of our patients appreciate having the option of undergoing dental work without having to miss time away from work. Depending on the type of procedure you require, emergency dental treatments can come with slightly higher fees than a visit to a general dentist. Our office provides specialized treatments using advanced technology. If you have concerns about payments, a member of our team will provide multiple payment options. We accept a wide range of dental insurance policies.

Treat Your Dental Emergency Today

A dental emergency should always be taken seriously. Symptoms can worsen by the hour, and delayed treatment can result in complications that require invasive surgeries to correct. The best possible health outcomes are only possible when you take quick action. Managing your pain and healing your injured teeth and gums is our top priority. We only work with the newest forms of dental technology and proven dental techniques.

Call us at 1-833-624-1382 to speak with a team member who will connect you to a nearby dentist, or search our online listing of weekend dentists.