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Gum Recession-Gum Damage-Exposed root surface

What Is Recession?

Gum recession is the loss of gum tissue from around the crown of the tooth. It may be mild to severe. It exposes the dentine on the root surface which may be sensitive. It may be present without disease and is usually present when periodontitis is severe. Certain fragile gum types predispose to recession.

What Does Recession Do?

Recession exposes the root surface. The tooth lengthens, has a two tone appearance and is sensitive to hot and cold. The spaces between the teeth appear large when the gum in between is gone. The soft root is easily damaged by tooth brushing and is prone to root decay. This can be severe in older patients. In the presence of dry mouth cavities can occur in weeks.

What Do I Do To Stop Recession From Happening?

You cannot prevent plaque. Since no single method can eliminate plaque a combination of strategies is used to minimise its growth and harmful effects.

  • Maintain a healthy mouth by practicing good oral hygiene.
  • Use a soft brush and non abrasive toothpaste.
  • Quit tobacco use, smoking or chewing tobacco.
  • Monitor your own gums using OralEye with regular dental checkups

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