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Emergency Dentures & Implants In New Hampshire

You should always be able to smile with confidence. Understandably, missing teeth can affect your willingness to give a genuine smile. If you find yourself holding back because of missing teeth, there is an option that can have you fully smiling once again. Dentures can provide the confidence you need to smile once again. Dentures also help to improve other problems caused by missing teeth such as having difficulty speaking clearly and eating a wide variety of foods.

Dentures have come a long way in recent years when it comes to appearance, durability, and stability. Dentures can help you feel like you are yourself again. In New Hampshire, you can turn to Emergency Dental Service to find the perfect dental provider that is dedicated to helping you select the right dentures for your needs.

If you’ve been considering dentures, now is the perfect time to call. You can reach us any time day or night at 1-888-351-1473. You’ll first be prompted to provide your zip code. We will then guide you to the best dental provider in your area who can provide the services you need at your earliest convenience.

Quick and Convenient Services In New Hampshire

Finding the best dentures for you begins with finding a quality dentist in New Hampshire. Emergency Dental Service partners with the best providers throughout the state to ensure you are completely satisfied with your dentures. Our dentists will work with you to explore all available options to find the option that works best for your lifestyle and budget.

Tailored to Your Needs

Dentures are available in a wide range of styles to best fit the unique needs of the individual. We understand the importance of selecting the right fit for you. Your dental professional will work with you every step of the way to ensure you are completely satisfied with your selection.

Get to Know Your Options for Well-Fitted, Natural-Looking Dentures

Traditional Dentures:

This option is a popular choice because it requires minimal maintenance and no additional dental work. Traditional dentures essentially rest on top of your gums, held in place with a special adhesive. This option tends to be the most affordable, but it is important to note that traditional dentures may shift slightly when eating or talking.

Implant Dentures

This option is great for those who want more stability when it comes to their dentures. Instead of floating on top of the gums, these dentures are anchored down using a fixed bridge that is attached to the jawbone. This provides a stable platform that has a higher level of durability when compared to other options.


This option provides the stability of implant dentures with the convenience of traditional dentures. The dentures look much like traditional dentures, but can either clip or screw into titanium implants.

Denture FAQ's

Q: How durable are dentures?

A: Dentures may appear delicate, but they can withstand a lot of wear and tear. The level of durability will vary on the type of dentures you select. However, you should be able to enjoy most of the same foods that you had with your natural teeth.

Q: How long do dentures last?

A: On average, dentures can last 8-10 years. This number can vary depending on the wear and tear your dentures experience. This can also vary due to your commitment to care and cleaning. It is normal for dentures to need realignment, repair, and replacement over time.

Q: Do I need to remove my dentures every day?

A: This depends on the type of dentures you select. Traditional dentures should be removed at night since they rely on an adhesive. Depending on your type of denture implants, these can be left in and treated the same as natural teeth.

Q: Can dentures match my natural teeth?

A: Yes! Dentures are designed to look natural. This includes the understanding that teeth can come in a variety of shades. Your dental provider will work with you to select the dentures that match best.