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Missing Tooth-Missing Teeth-What to do if you loose a tooth

What Causes A Tooth To Be Lost?

The baby teeth are lost as part of the natural process of growing up. What concerns us more is the loss of permanent teeth since they are not naturally replaced. The loss of permanent teeth is usually the result of tooth decay and gum disease. Loss due to trauma is common amongst young people as a result of accidents and sporting injuries. Planned extractions are sometimes part of orthodontic treatment of overcrowding. Wisdom teeth without adequate space or growing in the wrong position are often extracted as the best option in patient management. Teeth are lost as we age. This is not necessary but is very common.

How Is The Loss Of Teeth Managed?

The age of the patient, the position of the tooth, or teeth lost, forms an important of the management process. Teeth are usually replaced for aesthetic or functional reasons. Often function is ignored and gives rise to a myriad of problems later. Since each case of tooth loss is different i do not propose to give all the alternatives as they would be meaningless out of context.

What Do I Do To Avoid Losing Teeth?

  1. In the context of losing teeth through tooth decay and gum disease the best means of prevention is to maintain oral health through proper homecare and regular dental checkups.
  2. In the context of injuries, only sports injuries can be pre-empted and prevented. The best way is to wear adequate protection. This includes head gear and custom made mouth guards.

Use Emergency Dental Service

Emergency Dental Service is the #1 online resource for connecting patients with dental emergencies directly to dentists in their local area. We are also a great patient referral resource for mobile clinics & dentist with off peak/weekend hours. Visit us online or call our 24 hour patient center at: 1-888-350-1340