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Emergency Dentures & Implants In New York

Even with proper dental care, you may reach a point in your life where partial- or full-teeth removal is necessary. For many individuals, this can be a significant life change that can affect confidence and a willingness to interact with others. Before withdrawing, however, it is beneficial to consider the several benefits that dentures can provide. Not only will dentures restore your smile and confidence, but they aid in clear speech and the ability to enjoy your favorite foods.

Dentures are more durable and look more natural than ever before. If you are in the New York area, the professionals at Emergency Dental Service can help you find the best cosmetic dental provider in your area.

Getting started takes a simple phone call. You can call 1-888-351- 1473 any time 24/7. You’ll simply be prompted to provide your zip code and we will schedule you with the best denture service provider in New York.

Quick and Convenient Services In New York

You shouldn’t have to wait a long time to be fitted with dentures that could improve your quality of life. We will help you find a quality dental provider in New York as soon as possible. We work with the best providers in the state to ensure the satisfaction of all patients who trust our services. Our dental professionals will help you find the perfect denture fit for your budget and style.

Tailored to Your Needs

There are several different denture options to choose from that range in style, permanence, and durability. Your cosmetic dental provider will work with you every step of the way to ensure you are completely satisfied with your denture options.

Get to Know Your Options for Well-Fitted, Natural-Looking Dentures

Traditional Dentures:

Traditional dentures tend to be the most affordable option. This is because traditional dentures essentially float above the gums, held in place through the use of a denture adhesive. Traditional dentures have to be removed daily, usually left to clean and soak overnight since moisture is key to the longevity of dentures. Since there is no anchoring for this option, there is a greater chance of slight shifting when eating or speaking.

Implant Dentures

Implant dentures provide a greater level of durability and stability when compared to other options. This option requires more dental work than traditional dentures. Implant dentures involve creating a fixed bridge that is embedded into the jawbone. Once healed, the dentures are fixed to the implant. This allows the implant to function like natural teeth when it comes to eating and speaking.


This type of denture relies on using titanium dental implants. The dentures are secured onto these implants by clipping or screwing them into place. This is another great option for those who want greater permanence and durability with their dentures.

Denture FAQ's

Q: How long do dentures last?

A: Dentures can last anywhere from 8-10 years depending on wear and tear and your commitment to keeping them clean. It is normal to need dentures to be realigned, repaired, or replaced over time.

Q: Can I chew gum?

A: It is recommended that you avoid chewing gum no matter what type of dentures you have. This puts added strain on your dentures and can affect how well they are affixed to your gums.

Q: How much do dentures cost?

A: The cost of dentures can vary depending on the type you select and whether you need a partial or a full set of dentures. Complete dentures can cost anywhere from $1,000-$1,500. Your dental provider will discuss all of your options with you.

Q: How many appointments will I have to schedule?

A: How many appointments you need can vary depending on your denture choice. You’ll need an appointment to discuss your options, another to take a mold, and potentially one or two more to secure fit and place needed structures.