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Emergency Dentures & Implants In Alaska

For many, tooth loss can be embarrassing. Missing teeth might affect how you speak and eat. And because it hinders your smile, it may make you feel self-conscious. If this is the case, high-quality, natural-looking dentures may help you restore your confidence and enjoy your life again.

The technology surrounding dentures has advanced rapidly in recent decades, and dentures may be able to help you reclaim your identity and confidence. All of your dental needs may be met by Emergency Dental Service in Alaska.

It's quick and easy to set up. You may contact us at 1-888-351-1473 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will only be asked for your zip code. We'll then direct you to the best dentist in your region so you can arrange your cosmetic dentistry appointment as soon as possible, to get you the assistance you need.

Quick and Convenient Services In Alaska

If you're searching for the perfect Alaska dentures dentist that offers a variety of denture alternatives at a fair price, Emergency Dental Services is your go-to resource. Our dentists can assist you in selecting the finest dentures for your budget and unique personal needs.

Tailored to Your Needs

Dentures come in a wide variety of styles, all of which may be customized to meet your unique needs. Based on your lifestyle and situation, our dentists can help you determine the ideal option for you. Dentures vary in their stability and longevity. Before selecting the ideal dentures for your requirements, your dentist will work with you to evaluate your top priorities.

Get to Know Your Options for Well-Fitting, Natural-Looking Dentures

Traditional Dentures:

The procedure for traditional dentures begins with the creation of a custom-made mold that precisely fits your mouth, ensuring that your dentures stay in place against your gums. This alternative is bonded to the gums with a paste or glue and floats on top of them. Traditional dentures tend to shift when eating or speaking, which is a major consideration though.

Implant Dentures

Implant dentures are a good option for those looking for additional stability. Implants in the jawbone form the foundation for a permanent bridge. The implants are then used to anchor the dental fixture. Dentures that look and function like real teeth are available.


Overdentures are another wonderful option for those looking for dependability. They look like ordinary dentures, but they are linked to titanium dental implants with clips or screws, for added stability.

Denture FAQ's

Q: What are the variations between full and partial dentures?

A: Partial dentures are used by persons who are without some but not all of their teeth. This prevents teeth from moving as a result of gaps. Full dentures are the greatest option for people who have had all of their teeth extracted from either their upper or lower arch.

Q: How long is the lifespan of well-taken care of dentures?

If properly maintained, dentures can last up to ten years. This is greatly influenced by your ability to properly brush and floss your dental fixture. Dentures, like natural teeth, need the same degree of care. Wear and tear on your dentures may also affect their lifetime. Your dentures will likely need to be altered, fixed, or rebuilt as a result of normal wear at some point.

Q: Can I afford dentures?

A: We understand that cost is a major concern for many of our dental patients. Rest assured, you have options, and your dentist will always go over any costs with you before performing any procedures. You may have several options to choose from that will fit your needs and budget.