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Call Our 24/7 Emergency Dental Care Team 1-888-350-1340

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Dr. Salami has over 18 years of experience. Her priority is Patient comfort while delivering the latest technology and materials to her patients. Her passion is same day dental treatments.

Patient Reviews

Kimberly Powers commented on 01-May-2020 11:52 AM5 out of 5 stars
I love my dentist! I started coming here years ago because I get very anxious about going to the dentist. The do everything they can to help me feel calm including warm neck weaps and massage chairs. I just had my teeth cleaned (even that makes me tense) but Corina did an amazing job. I highly recommend Serenity Dental!
Netanya Oviedo commented on 01-May-2020 11:52 AM5 out of 5 stars
I would definitely recommend Serenity dental group to anybody who wants to have an amazing experience at the dentist. Every time I come in I am welcomed by smiling faces. Dr. Salami is a wonderful general/cosmetic dentist. The dental hygienists are also amazing at their job. I have been coming here for years and plan to continue coming because I am very pleased with my teeth and dental care.

Dental emergencies are serious. They can also be incredibly disruptive to your life. Whether you suffered a cracked or broken tooth from a traumatic accident or suddenly developed an intense toothache for unknown reasons, dental pain can be debilitating and make it impossible to focus on work or your personal life until you have it addressed. When you experience a dental emergency in San Diego, CA, Pegah S. Salami DMD, FAGD and her care team can provide you with swift and effective care that eliminates your pain and addresses underlying dental issues.

Pegah S. Salami DMD, FAGD has built a solid reputation as a leading provider of dental emergency care in San Diego, CA. Regardless of how seemingly simple or complex your dental emergency may be, Pegah S. Salami DMD, FAGD and her team can address it quickly and professionally, providing you with the long-term guidance you need to preserve your dental health beyond your emergency situation.

Emergency Dental Care from Pegah S. Salami DMD, FAGD

When you experience any kind of dental emergency in San Diego, CA, you need an emergency dental care team who can handle your issue as quickly and professionally as possible. Pegah S. Salami DMD, FAGD and her team have solid professional experience handling a variety of dental emergencies.

24 Hour Emergency Dentists San Diego, CA 90255

Pegah S. Salami DMD, FAGD and her staff have addressed all types of dental emergencies in San Diego, from teeth lost in traumatic car accidents to damage from extensive gum disease and much more. Some of the dental emergency care services provided by Pegah S. Salami DMD, FAGD and her team include:

  • Emergency care for damaged teeth. Did you recently suffer any kind of tooth damage, such as a crack, chip, or completely broken tooth? With prompt emergency dental care, you may be able to save your tooth and/or prevent many other complications the damage might cause.
  • Emergency dental extraction. In some cases, a damaged or seriously diseased tooth is beyond saving and requires removal to protect the healthy teeth around it. If you need to have a tooth pulled, Pegah S. Salami DMD, FAGD and her team can handle an emergency extraction and minimize your discomfort during the process.
  • Emergency filling care. Fillings protect teeth that have developed cavities, preventing those cavities from worsening and leaving you vulnerable to additional dental problems. If your filling has come loose, deteriorated, or broken, we can fix or replace your dental filling quickly to ensure your damaged tooth does not worsen.
  • Emergency gum care. Gum disease can develop slowly over time, and many people have different forms of gum disease without realizing it. Symptoms are not always obvious, but once gum disease reaches a certain point, the symptoms can become painful and disruptive. Pegah S. Salami DMD, FAGD and her team will identify the cause of your gum problems and address acute symptoms so you can experience relief and curb gum disease as soon as possible.
  • Emergency crown repair and/or replacement. If you have already had a dental crown implanted on a damaged tooth, this device exists to protect your tooth from further damage. Dental crowns can last for a long time, but they may become dislodged, damaged, or lost. When this happens, Pegah S. Salami DMD, FAGD and her team recommend having it fixed or replaced within 48 hours.
  • Emergency root canals. Root canals can help the symptoms of periodontal issues within the teeth. If you have severe tooth pain and it seems to be within the tooth itself, our emergency root canal treatment can be the best way to experience relief as soon as possible.
  • Emergency jaw pain treatment. Pain in the jaw can be incredibly disruptive and uncomfortable, making it hard to eat and speak. We can quickly and accurately diagnose the cause of the jaw pain you are experiencing and recommend the appropriate long-term care you need to prevent the same issue from arising in the future.
  • Toothache treatment. One of the most common reasons for people to seek emergency dental treatment in San Diego, CA is toothache. A toothache can indicate a wide range of potential dental issues, and we can quickly diagnose the cause of your tooth pain.
Dentist Emergency Sandiego, CA

Pegah S. Salami DMD, FAGD and her team offer these emergency dental services in addition to a full range of standard dental care options. When you visit Pegah S. Salami DMD, FAGD and her care team for a dental emergency, you will receive a thorough and accurate diagnosis followed by comprehensive care for the dental emergency that brought you into our San Diego, CA office.

Tips for Lowering Your Risk of a Dental Emergency

Many of the dental emergencies treated by Pegah S. Salami DMD, FAGD and her team result from unpredictable, traumatic accidents. You can’t always prepare and prevent potential dental emergencies. However, there are some steps you can take to reduce your likelihood of experiencing a severe dental emergency and minimize the damage you sustain from an accident.

First, good daily oral hygiene is essential for everyone. If you take good care of your teeth, gums, and mouth every day, you will inherently make yourself more resilient against many different dental conditions. The second preventative measure you should take to ensure your dental health is as strong as possible is to visit your dentist twice yearly for examination and professional cleaning. Your dentist will be able to track your dental health over time and identify any risk factors or complications you might face.

Pegah S. Salami DMD, FAGD and her team can also recommend devices and methods to preserve your dental health based on your unique lifestyle and medical needs. For example, athletes and those who enjoy contact sports should wear properly fitted mouthguards to protect their teeth. These devices can potentially prevent chips and breaks or at least minimize the damage from such incidents.

FAQs About Emergency Dental Care

Q: Will my insurance cover the cost of emergency dental care?

A: Pegah S. Salami DMD, FAGD and her team accept all dental insurance plans. We will work with you to determine your coverage options and minimize out-of-pocket expenses if possible.

Q: How much does emergency dental care cost?

A: Rest assured, Pegah S. Salami DMD, FAGD is committed to providing accessible, affordable, and comprehensive emergency dental care.

Q: How long will it take for me to get an appointment?

A: Pegah S. Salami DMD, FAGD offers emergency dental hours on a 24/7 basis. Call us, and we will get you into the office as soon as possible to fix your dental emergency.

Find Relief from Your Dental Emergency Today

Contact Pegah S. Salami DMD, FAGD when you are experiencing severe dental pain. Call us at (858) 951-1058 or schedule online to set up an emergency dental appointment in San Diego, CA, as soon as you need it.

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