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Emergency Dentist 24/7 Palm Beach, FL

Smiles By Jiveh

Dr. Farokh Jiveh

11989 Southern Boulevard
Palm Beach, FL 33411


24/7 Patient care team available by phone. Call to schedule an emergency appointment within 24 hours.

Payment Options

Cash, Check, Credit Card

Accepted Insurance


Services & Treatments Offered

General dentistry, Extraction except wisdom teeth, Some root canals, Reconstruction, Crowns, Bridges


24/7 Patient care team available by phone. Call to schedule an emergency appointment within 24 hours.

Payment Options

Cash, Check, Credit Card

Accepted Insurance


Doctor Bio

Dr. Jiveh Graduate it on the Dean’s list the top of his class, then completing a two-year residency at UCSF school of dentistry. He continued his dental education through various continued education classes and is now an instructor for a dentist and a speaker for dental company. Dr. Jiveh is the president of Florida Academy of cosmetic dentistry for 2021.

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Emergency Dental Services in Palm Beach

It is beneficial to be prepared for any type of emergency. Many of us have a list of emergency contacts for ourselves, our children, and even our pets. This helps to ensure that when the unexpected happens, there is no time wasted. One number that should be on your list is the contact information for a reliable dentist providing dental emergency services in your area. Smiles by Jiveh is qualified to help individuals dealing with a dental crisis. Dr. Farokh Jiveh and his team can help provide any pain relief, treatment, and aftercare needed to address all of your concerns.

Don’t wait to contact us if you are experiencing any dental emergency in the Palm Beach area. Quick treatment is often necessary to ensure that your dental concern doesn’t become worse. When you contact our office for your emergency dental care, we will work with you to schedule the earliest appointment time possible.

Our Doors Are Open

You should never have to shop around for a dental office to care for you when dealing with a dental emergency. That is why Smiles by Jiveh accepts both existing and new patients for emergency dental care. New patients can rest assured that we will provide the quality treatment they need to restore their dental health. Our staff is compassionate to the added stress that an emergency service can bring. We will do all we can to make you comfortable.

The top priority of our staff is providing exceptional care for all our patients. Dr. Jiveh and his team strive to provide the best treatment options available. If your dental emergency appointment is your first visit with us, we hope it won’t be your last. We believe in providing top-quality care so you’ll feel comfortable returning to our office for regular care in the future.

Dental Emergency Services

A dental emergency can happen for several reasons. You may grind your teeth, creating damage over time. You may be involved in sports and a blow to your jaw caused a tooth to become loose. Whatever the cause of your dental emergency, we have the skills and experience necessary to help. Our service options include:

Tips for Good Dental Health

Your dental health is important. We want to provide our patients exceptional care for both emergency and non-emergency appointments. We know that emergency appointments can be stressful, which is why we suggest committing to a regular dental hygiene routine at home. This helps to prevent damage that could lead to dental emergencies over time. Our next tip for our patients is to commit to a regular cleaning at our office at least twice a year. This allows us to keep a track record of your dental health. We can catch any issues early, helping you avoid the need for emergency dental care.

Contact Us Today

If you have dental discomfort, don’t want to seek help. Smiles by Jiveh can provide the services you need to restore your dental health. You can contact us 24/7 at (561) 431-9120.


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