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If you are in need of new dentures, denture repair services, or dental implants, use the EDS provider search in order to find a dental office that’s convenient for you. Our national dental referral service is in place to help expedite the process of researching hundreds of different websites to schedule an appointment.

Simply enter your address, zip code, or city above to search our prescreened database of denture service providers. Once you find an office near you, call the phone number provided and our 24/7 Patient Care Team will help connect you.

Multiple Denture Repair and Implant Options

Traditional Dentures

When a tooth has damage, is broken, or has decay most dentists will try to fix the tooth with the normal dental crown or filling. There are times when the normal preventive maintenance will not repair a tooth and the tooth has too much damage to be repaired and therefore has to be extracted. The extraction will remove the tooth from its socket in the bone.

Implant Dentures

An abscessed tooth is an infection that has occurred on or around the gums in the month. Usually a dental abscess will form between the gum and tooth or sometimes near the root of the tooth. The infection is treatable and can take up to 2 weeks to heal once seen by a medical professional. Tooth abscess will occur inside the tooth when the tooth’s nerve starts dying or is dead.


A chipped or broken tooth can be fixed very quickly as long as you see an emergency dentist immediately. Once you have an appointment secured, make sure to bring in the broken piece of your tooth with you (if you can’t find it then a partial can be put in its place). Most dentist recommend to keep the tooth in warm milk or water until you get to their office.

Improve your smile with dentures

There is no reason why you should hide your smile. If you are ready to gain back your confidence, we can help. Our Emergency Dental Service denture partners have the experience and knowledge necessary to fit you with the perfect dentures to fit your lifestyle. We strive to ensure your complete satisfaction when working with one of our providers. We know that dentures can open doors full of opportunities that you can approach with confidence. Give us a call today.

Join millions of satisfied dental patients

You can have a beautiful, natural-looking smile with the right set of dentures. With how advanced denture technology has become, wearing them is more discreet than ever. In the United States alone, over 20 million people rely on dentures to enjoy every aspect of life once again. You don’t have to settle for hiding missing or damaged teeth. With dentures, the possibilities are endless. You’ll be smiling with confidence unlike ever before.

Frequently Asked Denture & Implant Questions