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Affordable Dentures & Implants In Ladera Ranch, CA

Professionally made dentures can help with both day-to-day functions as well as helping you regain confidence over lost teeth. The impacts of tooth loss can be devastating and make it hard to eat easily, difficult to articulate or speak clearly, and can make you change the way you smile or laugh due to self-consciousness. Quality and affordable dentures could be your answer to improving your confidence and ease in daily life.

Expert dentures made by competent cosmetic dentists can allow you to eat, speak, and smile more naturally. Technology for dentures has vastly improved in the past years, creating affordable dentures that are more realistic than ever and function just as your natural teeth would. To create a better daily life for yourself and put an end to difficulties eating and speaking, contact Emergency Dental Service. We work with the best dental experts in the United States, and we can help you find a convenient dental office near your home or workplace at a time that is best suited for you.

Call us at 1-888-351-1473 at any time of the day our line is open and available 24/7. Our patient care team will assist you in finding an affordable and experienced dental office in your area that can setup an appointment consultation for your denture or dental implant needs.

Compassionate and Quality Dental Care In Ladera Ranch, CA

To find a wide range of both full and partial dentures offered by qualified dentists, look to Emergency Dental Service. We can help you find an experienced dental office with denture options for you.

Emergency Dental Service will assist you in finding a nearby dental office that is accessible to you that can talk you through the styles and types of dentures available to you to fit your life and price range.

Dentures Made for Your Specific Needs

There is an array of denture options, and they vary in their security, comfort, affordability, strength, and customization levels. A well-versed dentist can learn more about your situation and lead you through the styles and types available to you. The kind of dentures that will work best for you will vary based on your budget and the day-to-day wear and tear on your teeth. When your professional dentist helps you find a denture set that fits all your qualifications, you can feel satisfied that you've made the right choice.

Keeping up and Caring for Dentures Through Repair and Alignment In Ladera Ranch, CA

While dentures have become more natural and more affordable, they are still costly investments. You want to be sure that you take good care of your dentures and clean them as thoroughly as natural teeth. Dentures are subject to everyday wear and tear just as teeth are and are likely going to need attention from dental professionals to ensure they stay functioning. Your dentures could need professional upkeep in cleaning, adjustment, alignment, or even replacement. Our expert dentists can help you maintain your dentures. They can help you figure out the best option, put those dentures in place, and expertly perform maintenance and upkeep. You can be assured that the professionals with Emergency Dental Service can take care of your dentures every step of the way.

Various Types of Denture Options to Fit Your Specific Dental Needs



These dentures are designed with maximum durability in mind. They come in a wide variety of shades to help achieve a close color match to your natural teeth.



These dentures are made to last and hold up well. Their strength may just be the perfect choice for you. They also come in multiple colors to match your gums and teeth.



These dentures are made for everyday wear.



Strong and reliable, these dentures are also designed to be affordable.


Flexilytes Combo®

These dentures are strong and secure thanks to a metal frame that stabilizes them. They are also made to resemble the appearance of your own gum tissue.


Cast Partial

These dentures are designed to last. They also come with many options for personalization so that you can create a look that is true to the color of your teeth and gums.



These dentures look completely believable and realistic. They will fit in your along with other teeth and your gums beautifully.

Denture Before And After

Denture FAQ's

Q: How long do dentures last?

A: On average, dentures last anywhere from 8-10 years. The true amount of time that they will last is heavily dependent on the amount of care they receive. While they are replacements for natural teeth, they still should be treated with the same level of care. The amount of daily use they get will also play into their lifespan, as dentures that are subjected to more wear and tear will need to be replaced sooner.

Q: Can I remove my dentures?

A: You can, and it's highly recommended that you remove your dentures daily. During the day, food can get stuck in your mouth or your dentures. Removing your dentures at night to clean them is essential. You can give your gums a rest at night, and you can help to prevent any unwanted bacteria growth from happening by consistently removing and cleaning your dentures.

Q: How long will it take for my dentures to set?

A: The actual amount of time for dentures to settle can vary drastically from person to person. While it can take some people's gums a matter of weeks to adjust, others can take upwards of a few months. It's important to allow time for your mouth to get used to the new dentures, so it's a good idea to slowly ease into things in the beginning. If you have consistent pain though, you should check back in with your dentist.

Q: Can gum harm my dentures?

A: If you have a full set of dentures, you do not have to worry about chewing gum. Dentures do not get cavities, so feel free to chew away. If you have a set of partial dentures though, you should be careful while chewing gum. While your dentures may not sustain any damage, your natural teeth adjacent to them are very susceptible. The sugars from the gum will be directed to your natural teeth, so be sure to properly brush and floss the teeth next to your dentures.