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A new finance solution for dental emergencies

EDS offers a turnkey funding option to help dentists increase the number of emergency procedures completed.

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Let EDS-Finance increase your treatment plan acceptance rate with no additional cost

With a new innovative approach created specifically for patients facing a dental emergency (or unplanned expense), our funding solution helps patients that don’t have enough money to pay for their treatment at the time of service.

After a quick approval in our Patient Preferred software that only requires a Job + Active Bank Account with good payment history, EDS will directly fund your practice the loan proceeds after the treatment plan invoice is received. (with no cost to the dentist)

Our funding & payment process

We understand the financial stress patients are facing especially during an unplanned emergency and are in place to extend a “payment plan” using an untraditional underwriting platform that focuses on the patient’s ability to pay vs. credit score.

In less than 10 seconds, we review hundreds of data points to qualify a patient for up to $2,000 to be used immediately or for their scheduled follow up visit.

Once a patient is approved, our team works with the front desk staff to get a better understanding of the treatment needed and to coordinate sending the loan proceeds to cover all or a portion of the cost for the dental services.

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How EDS-Finance works

Our solution can be used when you have a patient that does not fit your traditional in-house financing options or EDS can refer local emergency patients directly to your practice. In either scenario, we will directly fund the patient’s treatment plan and collect our loan amount back over time via automatic withdrawals from the patient’s bank account.

Get a patient funded that declines for in-house financing

With 3 Simple steps:
  1. Submit the patient’s info to EDS using this link: or call 404-596-7523
  2. Once approved, submit the treatment plan invoice to:
  3. Setup a funding call on the day of treatment

Become an EDS partner & receive emergency patient referrals

With 3 Simple steps:
  1. Sign-up to join our referral network
  2. Complete your dental profile
  3. Agree to treat emergency patients within 24 hours.

Why EDS-Finance

As a company we help patients navigate through the emergency process by finding a dentist in their local area within 24 hours and making the visit more affordable through our EDS-Finance option & Emergency Discount Dental Care Plan.

Once a patient is approved, our funding team will explain the loan process directly with the dental office and submit the approved loan proceeds to their billing staff after the dental treatment plan has been completed.

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Partner with EDS & Acquire new patients-only pay for results

The EDS partnership provides a great ROI that is based on the number of new patients acquired on a monthly basis. Unlike other dental marketing services based on just scheduled appointments, as an EDS Referral Partner you will only pay for results (patient referrals).

This is the only true performance-based marketing program for dentists, which is based on prescreened patients walking in the door with the ability to pay for their dental service. Most dentists receive 5 - 10 new patients monthly within the first 3 months.

Top Benefits of becoming a dental partner include:

  • Average revenue generated per patient is $700+ (on 1st or 2nd visit)
  • ROI of at least 5:1 based on only investing for patients treated
  • Month-to-month agreement & $150 fixed fee per qualified patient referral (no investment on no-shows)
Case Study: Dr. Justin Scott- Pure Dental Health Atlanta (2 locations)

Over 700% ROI within 3 months


New Patients:




Avg. Revenue per patient:





New Patients:




Avg. Revenue per patient:





New Patients:




Avg. Revenue per patient:




3 Month Total

New Patients:




Avg. Revenue per patient:




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