Call Our 24/7 Emergency Dental Care Team 1-888-350-1340
Call Our 24/7 Emergency Dental Care Team 1-888-350-1340

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The EDS Story

After several years of treating patients for dental emergencies and working after hours & weekends to serve these patients, a team of dentists based out of Savannah Georgia decided to put together a dental referral service that concentrated specifically on emergency situations. The referral service would be a resource assessable only through the internet and this website would be the central resource that patients experiencing a dental emergency could access in order to take the right steps in preventing the problem from getting worse. Patients who used the website, would also have the ability to connect with emergency dentist in their local area, by scheduling an appointment within 24 hours.

After 10 years of helping thousands of emergency patients connect with dentist across the US, Emergency Dental Service has established itself as the number one online resource for dental emergencies. With a very responsive 24/7 call center in place to handle all calls and the ability to request an appointment with a local dentist online, EDS educates the community about what to do in a dental emergency situation and assist with helping patients find a local dentist to treat them, all through its online services.

If you’re in immediate need and suffering from a tooth ache, cracked/chipped tooth, broken crown, abscess, or any severe tooth pain; Call our 24/7 live emergency operators at 1-888-350-1340 and schedule an appointment with an emergency dentist from EDS!

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