Call Our 24/7 Emergency Dental Care Team 1-855-657-5777
Call Our 24/7 Emergency Dental Care Team 1-855-657-5777

Preferred Dentist

As a Preferred Dentist on the EDS Network, you will receive top tier placement in your local city & zip code, for a fixed investment monthly with unlimited traffic. Your practice will also be listed under the “Featured Dentist” section on our SEO pages, giving you multiple ad placements.

To get started, please choose the option of a monthly or annual 1 time payment (20% discount).

Monthly Payment

$25 Recurring Charge

Annual Payment (20% Discount)

$240 One-Time Charge

No insurance? It’s ok. We can still help.

Patients that have no insurance and don’t have extra cash to pay for an emergency treatment can apply for a line of credit to help pay for emergency dental services.

Start your application today and get an instant approval to cover all unexpected dental expenses.

Apply For Credit

Emergency dental help is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

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